Spring Allergies

Malgorzata Sypien, M.D., FAAFP, Integrative Family Practice, Chicago IL

Spring is in the Air… and so is Allergy Season!

Spring is in the air! Unfortunately so are pollen, molds, grasses, spores, and dander.  As the trees and plants begin their awakening, their wonderful glory typically wreaks havoc on those that suffer from allergies. During spring months, many people experience a runny nose and itchy eyes along with other allergic symptoms. Although there is no magical elixir to cure the ills that allergies bring, Dr. Sypien of Integrative Family Practice in Chicago has been helping allergy sufferers for more than a decade to ease the effects of allergens. Dr. Sypien is a top-rated medical doctor and is well educated in understanding the symptom of allergies. She offers a proven integrative medical solution using both traditional medicine and holistic solutions. These include natural treatments, tailored diet plans and targeted supplements to aid in reducing the discomfort associated with allergies. Contact Dr. Sypien today for an integrative solution to treat seasonal or year-round allergies and stop the suffering!

Why do people have allergies?  

Seasonal allergies, although common, are not normal. If your body is well-nourished, not inflamed, and not overly burdened by toxins, then you should be less hyper-responsive to elements in the natural world. In addition to avoiding allergens, you should consider an integrative medical solution from Dr. Sypien to treat acute allergy symptoms as a long term strategy that will help you be less reactive and eliminate your susceptibility to allergens over time.

What causes spring allergies?

One of the most common culprits of spring allergies are the release of Pollen in to the air as trees and plants begin to bloom. As pollen grains float through the air, we all breathe in their unique scent through the nose and mouth. More than 20% of the population will experience mild to severe allergies as a result of the intake of pollen.

  • Breathing in pollen can trigger the immune system to go in to hyper-protection mode by releasing antibodies

  • Antibodies are meant to attack the allergens by releasing histamines in to the blood stream

  • Histamines contribute to the symptoms of a runny nose, itchy eyes and genuine irritation

  • The higher the pollen count the greater the misery for allergy sufferers

What are the symptoms of spring allergies?

The symptoms of spring allergies include:

  • Runny nose

  • Watery eyes

  • Sneezing

  • Coughing

  • Itchy eyes and nose

  • Dark circles under the eyes

How can I decrease my general reactivity?

Many of the foods we consume contain dairy and wheat which can cause a continual, low level inflammation throughout the body. Genetically modified (GMO) foods, especially corn and soy found commonly in processed products, are a big cause of inflammation. These four ingredients can be hidden in nutrition labels as “flavoring”, “spice blend” or other generic terms. Ongoing inflammation from food can make the body more susceptible to stimulation by environmental pollen, grass and trees. Dr. Sypien’s unique solution includes eating a hypoallergenic, whole foods diet with clean protein, vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and ocean kelp for starters and then includes anti-inflammatory supplements which contain turmeric and boswellia to remarkably improve your symptoms.

What are the best methods of managing spring allergies?

It is virtually impossible to avoid spring allergy season, however there are some very simple practices that can reduce the effects of and exposure to allergens:

  • Stay indoors whenever the pollen count is very high

  • Keep your doors and windows closed whenever possible during the spring months

  • Clean your air filters more regularly during the spring time

  • Wash your hair after being outside in spring as pollen can collect there

  • Consider vacuuming twice a week while wearing a mask. This will remove some of the allergens and the mask will shield you from the pollen that kicks up.

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