Integrative Family Practice is a hybrid of Integrative Medicine & Public Health. It is a business model known as Direct Primary Care.

Our goal is to provide high quality healthcare with longer visits at affordable prices and as such we do not bill insurance companies for our services.  Our clinic is uniquely different from traditional models, in such that we will offer assistance to allow you to make the best decisions for maximum reimbursement by your insurance carrier whenever possible. We can provide all of the documentation for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Insurance & Reimbursement

Dr. Sypien is a board certified MD and the founder of Integrative Family Practice. Our practice does not accept insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. We will provide you with a detailed invoice which contains all of the pertinent information necessary for you to submit a claim to your insurance company. The rate of reimbursement will depend on your insurance plan, your annual deductible and level of co-insurance for out-of-network providers.  Based on this, we cannot guarantee insurance coverage, nor does the office bill insurance directly. We highly recommend that you contact your insurance company to determine whether they cover integrative medical services as part of your plan or as a special benefit for your condition, and what level of coverage is allowed for out-of-network services.  Since IFP does not participate with any insurance plans, its services might be covered only as an out-of-network benefit.


Integrative Family Practice is a “fee-for-service” provider. You are responsible for payment of all charges at the time of service. We accept cash, checks and major credit cards with the exception of American Express.

Call Integrative Family Practice today at (773) 205-2555 to discuss a comprehensive medical plan and possible associated cost with your particular condition.

Lab or Procedure Fees

Laboratory testing and treatments are a crucial step in determining the best course of action for your condition.  All Lab or procedure fees are posted at the time of service. Our professional staff will give you a detailed estimate prior to performing any of these services. You will be responsible for payment of these fees; however most of our laboratories will bill your insurance company for you directly.  If your insurance carrier declines payment, all fees will be the responsibility of the patient and due in a timely manner.

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