Achieve Your Optimal Health Today!

Men are statistically less likely to visit a doctor than women which typically puts them at greater risk for common diseases. Integrative Family Practice is committed to helping men reach and maintain their optimal health goals. The male body changes over time presenting problems with fatigue, cardiovascular, metabolic and sexual dysfunction to name a few. Dr. Sypien is a board certified Medical Doctor that specializes in male nutritional, hormonal and weight assessments to uncover the root cause of potential health risks. Upon a complete evaluation, she is able to tailor a specific integrative approach to improve dietary, hormonal and chemical imbalances in the male body, thus improving your overall health and quality of life. This preventative approach has proven to reduce emergency visits to the doctor and minimizes the chance of getting a more serious disease.

As men age through mid-life they may begin to see a decline in strength caused by changes in body composition, libido, toxins, energy levels and stress tolerance. Dr. Sypien Integrative medical approach offers a safe and easy method of improving men’s health. Many physicians simply prescribe medications to mask the issues, while Integrative Family Practice utilizes a combination of diet, mild exercise and natural methods to achieve targeted health goals.

Dr. Sypien of Integrative Family Practice is skilled at providing relief from these conditions:

  • Cardiovascular Disease

  • Hormonal Imbalance

  • Male Hormonal Balance Panel

  • Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases

  • Stomach and Digestive Problems

  • Prostate Problems

How does integrative medicine differ from conventional medical approaches?

  • Uncovers the underlying root cause of the illness

  • Targets complete mind, body and spirit remedies

  • Utilizes less invasive, natural interventions

  • Combines conventional, holistic and alternative treatments

  • Considers all factors of wellness.