Metabolic Health

Metabolic health is important, because it is literally the powerhouse of the body, providing energy to keep the body going and is necessary to sustain life. It keeps you alive, helps with keeping the right body weight, enables you to move, think and grow.

LIFESTYLE & Nutrition

Healthy lifestyle is important, because it’s what will save your life in the future. By living a healthy lifestyle you will be fit and be able to do things you have never done before. It’s also important, so you can have a longer, more active life and be healthier. Dr. Sypien believes that prevention is better than cure.

  • Life Style Assessment

  • Detoxification Diet

  • Ortho Molecular Therapy

  • Homeopathy

Nutritional Evaluation

Many patients experience chronic illnesses because of nutritional deficiencies. NutrEval® offers nutritional recommendations based on a patient’s individual test results. Clinicians commonly use such testing to determine the nutritional deficiencies that are at the root of chronic conditions such as: Mood disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Sleep disturbance, Fibromyalgia or Fatigue, Optimized health and sports fitness.

Micronutrient Test & metabolic Analysis

Micronutrient tests measure the function of 35 nutritional components including vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids within our white blood cells.  These tests allow your nutritional assessment for a broad variety of clinical conditions, general wellness and the prevention of chronic diseases including arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular risk, diabetes, various immunological disorders and metabolic disorders.

Cardiometabolic Panel

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death. Standard cholesterol tests can miss that YOU are at risk. This test offers a clinically relevant evaluation to help define risk for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD), progression toward Type 2 Diabetes, and inflammation.


MTHFR is gene that essentially controls how properly this enzyme works. MTHFR is an enzyme responsible for converting 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate to the product 5-methyltetrahydrofolate - it is involved in the metabolism of folate and homocysteine. The product of the reaction catalyzed by MTHFR converts homocysteine (a potentially toxic amino acid) to methionine (a useful and necessary amino acid).

Telomere Testing

Telomere testing reveals how fast are you aging. Telomeres are sections of DNA at the end of each chromosome that serve as a cap to your genetic material.  Every time a cell replicates, its telomere will become shorter.  Shorter telomeres imply a shorter life span for a cell.

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